sue gilad

Multiple Streams of Income

Are you in the rut? Working daily for wages so that someone else can become financially free? You might think that there is no way out of this endless cycle….you are wrong! There are hundreds of ways to turn your time and money into profits. Below are just a few income streams that Sue can help you develop.

Maximum Websites

One of today's easiest ways to create residual income is by harnessing the power of the Internet. If you have an existing business, or have a terrific idea for a new business, let Sue's website development company take it to the next level by opening up your client base and visibility to the World Wide Web. Maximum Websites will show you how to streamline your business systems and dramatically increase your success—and we'll show it to you risk-free. Contact Sue directly or visit Maximum Websites.

The Real Estate Millionaire

Sue has partnered with her husband Boaz (founder of Brookland Capital, a premiere real estate investment and development company) to bring you the book The Real Estate Millionaire. Real estate investing is a great asset-building opportunity, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a ton of cash to get started. In fact, you can start investing without money, experience, or special connections. The book explains the ins and outs of niche real estate investing. You’ll discover how to scout the right neighborhoods and properties, use creative tactics to nail down sources of capital, understand finance and real estate calculations and formulas, and negotiate effectively to win every deal.

Paid to Proofread

Sue can introduce you to the world of getting paid $1000+ for proofreading books in your own time in your jammies, on the beach or between doing other important things. Whether starting from scratch or looking for the next gig, Sue can guide you to become proofreader, improve your proofreading skills and increase your sense of financial freedom by landing and completing freelance proofreading jobs or other proofreader jobs. Sue’s book Get Paid to Proofread: Secrets to Financial Freedom and Success, provides what you need to do and learn to become a freelance proofreader in your own time. If you want Sue’s help to become a proofreader and perfect your proofreading skills, she's created a number of resources to help you build your skills so you can learn how to land your first proofreader jobs or freelance proofreading jobs. Details are also at

Become a Theatre Investor

If you are already a sophisticated investor and looking to add a unique element to your portfolio, consider investing in theatre. Sue’s production company provides you with the unique experience of actually being an integral part of the process of bringing a live stage show to life. Investing in live theatre is widely known as a high risk activity, but the nature of that risk, and the possibilities of mitigating it, are not as well understood. We will work with you extensively to enable you to more effectively evaluate the theatrical investment opportunities we have available. Contact Sue for details.